Monday, 30 December 2013

Thank You!

Thank You for the kind words, encouragement and compliments.
I could be somebody who makes art that nobody knows, write a song that nobody listens to or write story/poem that nobody reads it, for they are very personal until one day I took the courage to share them with a few close friends, after I saw a sign and read something about 'sharing your passion with others is a joy'.

For my first art cafe exhibition, I wondered about If-Im-good-enough question. Though I know that they were good, they surprised me every time in the end but what is good enough to have an exhibition, somebody who has painted for 10 years not in just a year, thats what I had in my mind. Even I have known it very well that everyone sees thing differently. All I could say that they were mostly my training pieces, works that were done within a year, some less than a year and a few just a few months. They were painted from a broken heart until I found love again where I played with the blueberry and green matcha powder and almost played with tumeric powder that could leave my fingers in yellow for days.

But the most significant things happened when you share your passion with others, is when you have inspired people to pick up the brush or pen again and start to draw or paint or do whatever you are passionate for. As for me, I have seen friends posted their sketches in FB, received an encouragement letter, a stranger just came up to me and said hey I like your art and also some people have wanted to get in touch with their creativity again.

So go and find your passion and express yourself, when you do the things that you love, good things will come your way.

Happy New Year 2014!

p/s: Thanks to social medias that have made things easy to share. Go and checkout my FB page, thats what we often say and hear nowadays. But I say, if you want to check out my art, other than the page, you can ring my doorbell.

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