Wednesday, 1 January 2014

so to say, I got sidetracked

...I took the space in persian room to do some stretching. As I laid there for few minutes, unconsciously I was actually being thoughtful, perhaps I could feel her energy in this persian room where she held her yoga classes. Lets paint her something and drop it on friday as she might have yoga class in here, I just bought 2 new almost A4 size canvas yesterday and this time the decision to pick what medium to paint was easy, acrylic. Amazed with the brilliant idea, I raised up and headed home right away, before that stopping by at the library. And then, I started to sketch and paint. So to say, I got sidetracked from my calendar project.

The next day, I spent the whole day, trying to finish the painting in time. Then, left to Halssila for the final swimming time with the girls. It was a quiet and nice one. Handed the order painting to S. Then, drove H to pick up her kids.

After sent them home. I came back and found out that I have forgotten the house key inside the house. Yes, I did it again. The house key was taken out from the keychain when I went for a run yesterday and eventually forgot to put it back. Luckily I could get inside the warm lobby with the neighbour and instantly I called my lovely landlord for help. Then, I knew who actually has the spare key, Her god daughter who just lives a block away. She felt as friendly as her, came with the spare key to open the door. Then, changed attire quickly and walked to the town church as GL was singng in the choir, some christmas carols and readings as well. I was glad to be in a place where I wouldnt be but because G and E were there, it was nice to see them performed.

After the church, I walked to the city center, thinking that the bookstore was still open until 9pm but I had remembered it wrong. where can I get white acrylic paint at this hour. I went in to sokos, there probably have some paint at the stationery section. They didnt have a single color paint, so I had to buy the whole box, I mean a set of acrylic paint. Back home, finished the painting by 1am.

Today, I woke up at 9.30am again with the feeling of taking it easy. Put a coat of varnish on the painting, let it dry and wrapped it with whatever I can find from home. Ok, so the plan was going to see G then leave the gift there and leave. The place was totally quiet and pitch dark. I asked G if there would be yoga today. She wasnt sure as there werent anyone here, so she assumed no. But I remained there, waiting for her to show up as she didnt mention about cancelling the yoga class. So, I waited and waited for 1.5 hours, 10mins outside in the cold with wet socks and feet. And then, she appeared!

Ended the day by joining her yoga class. What a great way to end the week before the xmas holiday.


22x27cm, acrylic original painting 

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