Sunday, 28 September 2014


Dancing in the small trailer, as I know it has done, the masterwork that much effort had been put on, days and hours, the frustration and annoyance bundled along the way and now Im abundant with energy, that soothes every nerves and muscles back to a calm sea, so calm and relief that it keeps me awake at night. My world is in peace and its only mine, all alone. A tiny creature in this universe who has found peace and there are millions others who maybe are feeling the same or maybe not at all. Who would know after all, as it is mine, in me. I could hold it hard, preciously in my body, not letting it go as it makes me superior, all the hardwork and efforts are not going to waste. Nobody can take it away from me. I would be mad if someone tries to do so, even a scratch or smudge. Never will be in peace I am forever. And so I release it to the world, then it no longer belongs to me anymore. No possess. Im empty and free.

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