Sunday, 12 October 2014

random thoughts


photo by Niina K
This is the kind of day when I come back home, feeling tired but still full of energy, the euphoria energy as I called it going wild in my body that I could come up with something great, whether it is a piece of art, compose a song or write a fantastic lyrical-poem, alone in a dim trailer as its getting dark outside, feeling free and detach from part of the things that I do, next week will be food, then Im off for a while.

Yesterday, at the opening, some people wanted to see the reaction of M upon seeing her portrait at the expo. As I have kept some as a surprise. And it was a privilege to witness her instant expression right there and then, she was so touched, almost in tears. In most of the time, I do questioned about the worth of doing this, anything that involves lots of time and dont even know whats to come or what am I getting at the end, I just do it till the end, knowing its a good work and yet not happy about it, so I work on it more until someone tells me, you know its not crap when you just made me cry. Did I?

And people often ask me if I can play and sing someone's song after they have discovered me singing. Im sorry, I dont, I only know how to sing my own songs...haha. I have had so much pain and misery that I only sing whats come out from me. And Im still not that comfortable singing for many people but its getting better.

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