Thursday, 9 October 2014


Its done, I just need to borrow a scanner, assemble them together and some editing. I hope its going to turn out great. End the day, writing some thoughts.

9.10.2014 - My second art exhibition is opening in 2 days time and I feel that I am such a dreamer as I remembered about a year ago, an hour before the opening night of my first art expo, sitting alone in my studio flat with a headphone on, playing Birdy while starring out from the window, still entertaining with my self-doubt and wondering who would come to the opening. I felt melancholy. I knew a few who were going to come for sure and I wished for his presence so much which seemed to be impossible and something came up, an idea for the next expo will be dedicated to him, it would be about love/soulmate(then) with a flowery arch that leads the visitors to the magical garden of the soul paintings and as they proceed till the end, they would find themselves in the heart of the garden where they could sit still, hope, dream and wish. Eventually the garden was left hanging somewhere and the love theme was used to make the 2014 calendar, yet I was still planning for an expo in the autumn with something that I was fascinated that time Hands. Collected some drafts by photo-taking and practicing yoga. Not a single thing was painted out as I didnt realize that my focus was on portrait which then I got it what would be the theme for the next expo. And I imagined! Oh yea, imagined that my friend would have found him in whatever way and flies him here on the opening day as a surprise where I could fill his portrait in the last blank paper. Gosh, what an imagination! Anyway, there is no him, no babylon garden, no last paper, just a green wall that substitutes the garden with a row of house plants.

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