Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hello there, it has been a while, how was summer or still going on? Autumn is setting in slowly with some nice blue sky days and some cloudy chilly days but thats alright as september is a beautiful month to be in the forest, just put on the running pants even though no running, thats the beauty of simplicity! My summer this year, I chose to work, that was what I wanted to do or wish for and I liked it a lot, when given the time to reflect and think about it, another dream came true so to say, got to work with coffee. And so I learned to make latte art. Below is one of the best.

There were days where evening was spent for portrait completion till 2am, and the next day woke up feeling fresh for work, and that only happens when you do the things you love.

August was a beautiful month, it ended with an overwhelming strange feeling of missing someone, that compelled me to be poetic.

Have a nice autumn!


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